Sunday, March 13, 2011

Theatre in Portland

I went to see a play yesterday that I didn't know anything about.  I like when that happens. What I like even more was the fact that the play was delightful.  Simple in its construction.  I appreciate that.  As a writer I realize that simplicity in a play is not always easy to achieve.  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  Less is always more. 

What was simple about Jack Goes Boating was that it didn't need a large cast or tons of set pieces or special's a play about relationships--real people dealing with the ups and downs of life and relationships and interpersonal connection.  I saw myself in a couple of the characters--I like it when that happens too.

I found the piece to be quite enjoyable and afterwards I found out it originally premiered Off-Broadway in 2007 at the LAByrinth Theatre Company with Philip Seymour Hoffman and John Ortiz. And apparently, Mr. Hoffman went on to make his directorial debut with a film version of Jack Goes Boating. I saw the movie trailer and I'll probably wind up renting it...but nothing compares to seeing live theatre.

So do yourself a favor if you live in Portland and go over to Artists Repertory Theatre and see this show.  You'll leave the theatre with a smile on your face, and these days it's nice to have something to smile about!  I'm really loving the theatre scene here in Portland...I'm very glad to be here!


Man-Man said...

I am glad to hear you are enjoying the theater scene in Portland. The play sounds very interesting.

MikeB said...

A play dealing with relationships. There must be many with that theme. How interesting that you saw yourself in some of the characters. I bet the play hit a nerve with others, too.