Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here's the thing...

So the thing is… I have a deadline.  Well, to be clear, I have multiple deadlines because I’m in the midst of doing multiple things.  And of course, each thing has a deadline.

The big deadline is 3 months away, so you might say, “Well, hey, no sweat…3 months is a long time.”  But it’s really not.  It’s not at all.  3 months are going to fly by and before I know it, the deadline will approach.  The day will be here…knocking on my door.  “Your 3 months is up.  Over.  Kaput.  Where’s your project?  We’ve come to collect it.”

And this is not one of those things that you can quickly put together 2 or 3 days before the deadline.  Oh no…not at all.  I NEED these 3 months to accomplish what I need to accomplish.

But then I have other deadlines.  More immediate deadlines.  I have, what I call, my bread and butter deadlines. Daily deadlines that are my bread and butter.  Suddenly, I seem to have a lot more bread and butter deadlines than ever before.  Which is kind of a good thing, but at the same time they cannot be ignored because after all, they are my bread and butter.  So obviously, these immediate deadlines get my priority.  And after I have accomplished what I need to do for my bread and butter, I am absolutely exhausted, knocked out, depleted and I think about the looming deadline 3 months away.   And I think, “Well I have a little time for that one. Don’t I?”
But no.  I don’t have time.  Because now it’s the end of July, and August is already fully plotted out, and before I know it, September will be here and bring with it all that it will bring.  As October rolls around, the chaos may dissipate and some semblance of order may find its way into my life.  But then I will only have 1 month.  October.  And I cannot fully count on October being my friend and providing me with the time, focus and concentration I need to complete the BIG DEADLINE.

I have to find a way to make it work.  I have to.  There isn’t any alternative.  I am a writer.  And I write for my bread and butter and I write for the big deadlines, and I live in the chaos and I get it done.  I find a way.  I have to.  There is no room for discussion here.  I find a way. There is no other option but to do it.
Any suggestions???

Monday, July 11, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

Wonderland is alive and well and exists in the form of the Oregon Country Fair. Please understand, this is no ordinary country fair with folks selling apple pies and growing gigantic zucchinis and raising enormous pigs. Nope...not even close.

This fair is like entering a parallel universe where giants and other mythical creatures roam freely throughout the magical woods. There are artisans galore happily offering their wares including pottery, jewelry, candles, soaps, and artwork of all kinds. Food of every kind will permeate your senses...a veritable smorgasbord of delight. A menu for every palate: vegan, vegetarian, carnivore and those with a heavy sweet's all there for you to partake and indulge and decadently devour!

It is not at all unusual to be greeted by a parade of colorful characters and musicians at every bend along your journey through this dreamlike world. I can't even tell you all the sights and sounds I saw when I visited the fair this weekend, but I will tell you it I was on sensory overload.

I didn't know where to look first--the Cirque du Soleil type of folks seemed to be everywhere...there were magic shows, musical concerts, puppets, vaudeville, street performers and anything and everything you can think of to delight your senses. Very scantily-clad men and women with their bodies painted in delightful colors and flowers and it seemed like the '60's were alive and well and happening in Eugene Oregon.

The hippies were everywhere because here, at the fair, everyone is coming from a place of peace and love. There are the die-hard hippies...holdovers from Woodstock...the ones that partied with Jerry and the Dead...there are the new hippies, the teen hippies, the baby hippies and even the hippie wannabes...because let's face this fair, everyone wants to be a hippie.

The port-o'-potty I used (which of course they refer to as "The Honey Bucket") reeked of weed and patchouli...not a bad combination when you have to pee outside. Frankly, I was delighted not to smell piss and shit!

I enjoyed myself immensely... a big thanks to the D-man for taking me down there and tuning me in, turning me on, and letting me drop out...if only for a day. Today, I emerge from the Rabbit Hole...but I wouldn't mind staying down there a little longer. Oh well...there's always next year. Oregon is cool!

Peace & Love Everybody!
 These are not my feet!

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Pillar of Salt

Sometimes I find myself missing my old life.  And then I wonder why...I'd rather make something of this new life then mourn the old one. 

If I keep looking behind me, I might just turn into a pillar of salt.  Best to keep moving forward...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Storytime with the kiddies

It's hot today.  But I have a lot of work to accomplish.  Didn't want to stay in my apartment; I'm afraid I wouldn't get anything done.  So I head on down to the local coffeehouse.  Nice vibe.  Free wi-fi.  Lots of electrical outlets.  It's crowded and I'm a little daunted, but I know it will ebb and flow throughout the day, so I find a table, plant myself, plug in and off I go. 

And then I see the sign: "Storytime today at 10AM."  It's set up right in front of where I'm sitting. And I see the guy with the tall black top hat and the woman with clown makeup and pigtails and I think..."Really? Today? Oh boy..." 

There is nowhere else to move; every other table is filled, and if this wasn't the designated storytime area, it would be a killer location.  How long can it last I wonder?  So  here I am...hunkering down, with the lilting sound of the clown-like woman providing the soundtrack to my day. "Can you see the star in the picture?  Great job!"  And little ones, little ones, little ones everywhere. 

One little girl walked in wearing sunglasses and looking like she owned the joint the minute she got here.  The clown woman said hello and asked her how she was today.  She said, "I'm great!  Saw a unicorn on the way over here."  Wow...I wish I could start my day out with such enthusiasm.  I looked out the window to see if I could spot the unicorn...not one in sight.

It's not as distracting as I thought it would be.  The kids are relatively well-behaved, and if they don't start screaming or crying, I should be able to get my work done.  And of course, they should be gone within the hour (I'm hoping.)  And never might turn out to be a good day after all.  I might just see a three-legged dragon or something on my way home today.  One thing about being around children...anything is possible.  Except maybe...getting your work done.