Friday, March 25, 2011

Guest Posts

I am thrilled to have recently had the opportunity to write posts for other people's blogs.  It's a lot of fun and it's been a wonderful way for me to meet fellow bloggers/writers.

I've written on a variety of topics that include dating, relationships, perimenopause and exercise.  Additionally, I am happy to say that my own blog, the very one you are now reading, has been spotlighted on the blog Healing Morning.  Dawn Sievers is the writer of this blog and I am extremely flattered that she chose to spotlight me and my Confessions of a Cluttered Mind.  I hope you will all check out Healing Morning, in addition to the other blogs where I have had the privilege of guest posting.


Healing Morning said...

Thank you in return for the kind mention of Healing Morning here at your blog page, Debbie! It's always fun to be given a nice nod of recognition from our peers, yes? Every little bit of exposure helps us to continue to grow. As always, I wish you Happy Writing! :)



MikeB said...

I'm was checking in to see if you had any new posts, and you do. When I have a little more time weekend, I will check out the posts you have on others' blogs. I am looking forward to reading more of your writing.

Debra said...

Hi Debbie,
Congratulations on the spotlight!

All the best,
~ Debra

YogaSavy said...

Debbie Congratulations! To be on Healing Mornings is an honor. She is one amazing lady just like yourself.

Sujit Shrestha said...

keep going.
Our regards are with you.