Friday, December 24, 2010

Single Gals and the Bridal Registry Conundrum

Suddenly I am inundated with engagement and wedding announcements. Lots of friends are deciding to tie the knot in the upcoming year. It feels like an epidemic or something. So, with all these upcoming nuptials, I find myself online checking out the bridal registries and seeing what these people want/need/want. I, myself, as a single gal have always wanted to register for gifts. My audition monologue for grad school was actually about a single woman who wanted to register for gifts because it wasn’t fair that all her married friends got to have nice stuff and she had to buy her plates and flatware from the Dollar Tree. But, I digress…

I have noticed a common request among my engaged friends and it is for Mikasa dinnerware. Now, my mother has been talking about Mikasa for as long as I can remember. And now I know why. It’s beautiful, quality stuff. It’s simple, which I like, but it is also elegant. My mom sure knows what she’s talking about.

They also sell very reasonably priced home d├ęcor. Candleholders and picture frames, and really beautiful glass vases. I have now become a Mikasa fan. I know there was a Sex and the City episode where Carrie registered for gifts even though she wasn’t getting married. It’s not exactly an original idea (just like the monologue I used to perform.)

Would it be so terrible to allow single gals to register for the beautiful things they long to have? Really? Would the saleswomen at department stores across the country leap back in horror at a single woman registering for dinnerware and flatware and candlestick holders? The rules need to change. And with that being said, Mikasa has this beautiful cobalt blue bowl on sale for only $20. I truly love it. Anyone?

Update as of 1/12/11:
Guess what? Since being encouraged to write this post, I actually received the coveted cobalt blue bowl from one of my very generous readers. I’m not kidding. Here’s a photo of my beautiful new Mikasa bowl on my kitchen counter. I’m so pleased. Thank you readers! You don’t all have to send gifts, but if the mood strikes you, I won’t argue. It sure is nice!


MikeB said...

I had to smile at your line about buying plates and dinnerware at a Dollar Tree store. This was a fun post, but also one which much insight. Sure, a wedding is a big deal, and it is nice to give gifts to the newledweds. But where did this "registry" thing start? Maybe there is SOMEone, SOMEwhere, thinking, "That was SOME idea I came up with. How come I only got SOME boxes of SOME candy for my brilliant marketing idea? SOME reward!"

Yes, how come single people don't use these registries. What excuse could they use? They couldn't say, "I am not getting married, so buy some expensive gifts for me."
They couldn't say, "I am me, so buy me stuff." But maybe they could say, "I just moved into a new house, so help me furnish it with little things to wish me well in my new digs."

Some people do buy HOUSEwarming gifts for their lucky friends and relatives who move into a new HOUSE. Does an APARTMENT count?

Maybe you should try to start a movement. Wouldn't that be nice. And if it took off, Macy's, Nordstrom's, and the other sellers of plates, utensils, placemats, vases -- and Mikasa blue bowls -- would be on the bandwagon in an instant.

By the way, good luck in your new apartment.

Longtime DL Fan said...

Hey, there isn't anything stopping you from registering at any store. All you have to do is put "Groom to be Named Later" in the guy's name, and "TBD" for the date. You can register anywhere online too, so you don't even have to actually go to the store. Go for it, and the presents should just start rollin' in. It sure beats going to the mall.

Hmmm, maybe this could become one of your famous 10 minute plays....

Jenn said...

I definitely think you should register! Take a stand...start a movement! Why should you be denied the items you love simply because you're single. Actually, a little birdie told me you may be off the market these days? Truth to that little piece of gossip? C'mon Deb...tell us! Now...go REGISTER!