Saturday, December 11, 2010


It has been very insidious...creeping up on us before we even knew it.  But's EVERYWHERE!  I'm talking about the misuse of the word ANYWAY.

I have no idea when it began, but I started to notice a few years ago that people were adding the letter "s" to the end of the word "anyway."  I noticed it mostly with my teen students, and of course, being the good teacher that I am, I always corrected them. 

I remember one of my students was doing a monologue without the script in her hand.  As she actively engaged in the piece she said, "So...anyways..."  I stopped her.  She thought I was going to give her an acting note.  I said, "Get the script," which she did.  I said, " What does it say in the script, EXACTLY.  Read from where you left off."

She looked, found the spot and said, "So...anyways..."

I said, "Really?"  Read it again."  She did.  The same way.  And then I said, "look at the words very, very carefully..."  So she did.  And she saw.  And she realized.  And she laughed.  And said, "There's no 's' at the end of anyway." 

No, there isn't!  There is no "S" on the end of "ANYWAY!"  But suddenly it's everywhere.  In film scripts, in television sit-coms and much to my dismay, it showed up in a book of short stories that I've recently been reading.  UGH!!!!!  This is an author I really like.  And don't tell me to chalk it up to the way her character speaks.  No.  This wasn't her character.  This was HER! I was so disappointed.

Why does this bother me so much?  People who should know better say it.  Intelligent, well-read, well-spoken people who I know and respect say it.  When I hear it, it is akin to fingernails scratching on a chalkboard.  I don't know why but it just kills me. Go me anal retentive...I don't care.  I just don't like it!

I'm not perfect.  FAR from it.  And I'm no grammar diva either.  I make plenty of mistakes, believe me.  But come on people...this is just laziness.  How did this happen?  How did it become so pervasive? There are so many other things in the world today to be upset about.  But for now...this is my rant.  Do with it what you will.  And maybe, if you're guilty of this little English language faux pas, this post will help you see the light of day.  And you'll drop the "s."  Maybe. Hopefully.  I'm begging you!

So, anyway...


MikeB said...

I like this post. Yes, some people have gotten sloppy in their speaking and writing. Or maybe some people were always this way. You know what I mean? Oh, by the way, I love your blog and have been eagerly awaiting the next post. I am keeping up with your life and your rants through your blog. Your writing is crisp and clean. But back to the topic at hand: so anyways (LOL!), I agree; it irks me, too, when something as grating to the ear as "so anyways" comes out of someone's mouth. said...

I have checked my blog Debbie - and over the
four-year history of my blog, I have had anyway show up in 5 posts. Anyways? Zero times!

Anyhoo, I gotta fly:)

Ralph Hass

YogaSavy said...

I am guilty of adding the 's' to anyway! Will watch it the next time!
Where are you these days?. Have missed your posts!

Anonymous said...

I'm always annoyed at the way people pronounce 'Tijuana'. Why do they say tee-a-wah-na when it should be tee-wah-na? Or have I been pronouncing it wrong all these years?

Ryan said...

The Ss do seem to be taken over. Everyone here now calls Meijer Meijers. I always correct everyone and they just look at me like I'm a jerk. =)

I stumbled upon your blog today and I like it very much. In fact I am going to hit the "follow" button right now. =)

Marvelous Minutia

MikeB said...

Ryan, you might want to do what I did after I discovered this blog: Go back and read all the prior posts. It takes time, but you will discover some gems.

Anonymous said...

Love this post. My peeve is the word - had. It is so misused it's ridiculous. " I had seen time." Come on, really?