Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Technical Assistance Please...

This post is specifically for my fellow SOS if you will.  I put out a cry for help on Facebook, but unfortunately to no avail. 

If you read this blog regularly, you may have noticed that I recently changed my template.  Blogger is now offering new designer templates.  I'm very happy with the look of the blog, but ever since I changed to the new template, I'm having some difficulties with a couple of the features.

First, I used to be able to click on my gadgets in the sidebar and they would immediately link  to their respective websites.  For some reason, it's not doing that anymore.  The URL addresses are all correctly written, and I've tried numerous times, but it won't link! I'M SO FRUSTRATED!

Second, some of the images I use start off centered in the center of the post, and then, for some reason, they move over and there's this extra white area surrounding and adding to the photo! I hate it.  It's driving my Virgo sensibilities crazy!

Can anyone help?  I've posted on the Google Blogger Help forum and no one has come to my aid.  Infuriating!  I don't really want to go back to the old template, but I may have to if I can't get these features to work properly. 

Hoping to hear from you kind-hearted souls out there!  Thank you in advance for your help!


MikeB said...

I wish you luck on overcoming the problems you are having with your new template. I know how frustrating computer technology can be when it does not make things easier.

YogaSavy said...

I know how you feel . I have change my template many times and am now using a non blogger template and things seems to be working.
Sometime yo have to replace the widgets.
Yesterday the comment section was not working to well bu tit is back up now!

Beatnheart said...

I just changed over also. Yes! where did the gadgets I have to take a back door to find them...Your blog looks pretty good to this Virgo. Didn’t see the lines you are talking about. Did you go into the “Advanced” section. I think it is there where you can adjust the size of you posts. maybe that’s it...It took me 6 hrs. yesterday and a couple today to get things right for me. sometimes its just easier to stay the same.