Sunday, June 6, 2010


photo by psyberartist
The images of what I want to say are swirling around in my head but the words don't come. I won't give into calling this "writer's block," because I'm not blocked. Not exactly. I'm just having difficulty finding a through-line. Finding my voice. Finding my character's voice. Telling the story!

Ok...well, that might indeed be a block. It's just that everything is very chaotic these days, up there in that old attic head of mine. Lots of cobwebs, lots of clutter. And I have tales to tell and plays that want to be written, but they're hiding in the corner, collecting dust and reluctant to be found.
How do I begin to clean out the jumbled mess up there? Where do I start? I need to sidestep the frustration, roll up my sleeves and dig in.

I'd take a deep breath, but all this dust is giving me an asthma attack...
"Word Fall" by psyberartist


YogaSavy said...

Go to do something silly and fun and hopefully you will find your connection and the writing will happen. Forget about writing just for few moments

Anonymous said...

It is now the beginning of June 9, and I hope your "block" has run its course. If not, maybe tomorrow. And don't forget to keep your avid blog readers happy! -- MikeB