Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I live across the street from an over-priced hipster joint that has a line out the door every weekend with throngs of people dying to make their own pancakes.  The sidewalk is flooded with patrons waiting for a table that has it's own griddle.  Once seated, you can choose a variety of different batters and literally make your own pancakes on the table right in front of you.  It's a novel idea, but it's way too expensive for my taste and I'm not sure it's worth the wait.

Today, Father's Day 2011, I walked past the trendy cafe and saw an even bigger crowd than usual.  Lots of Dads were hanging out, clutching their cups of coffee and obviously enjoying the time with their families.  There were Grandpas with their older, grown-up kids; there were young Daddies hoisting the little ones on their shoulders; and everyone was laughing, happily and patiently waiting for their moment in front of the grill, eagerly anticipating the Mimosas and Bloody Marys that would accompany their delicious breakfast fare. 

Today, I think of my Dad, long gone now, but ever present in my memory.  I wonder what he would make of me as this pseudo grown-up person and if he would be proud of my life.  He lives in me every day; every time I crack a corny joke or have a splash of temper, he's there. 

I miss you Dad.  I wish you were here.  But as corny as this may sound, I see you in my dreams quite often and I thank you for taking the time to visit from wherever you are.  Happy Father's Day Pop!  I love  you, you ol' rapscallion you!


Healing Morning said...

Your Dad looked like a movie star in this photo! What a lovely memory for you. The pancake place sounds fun, maybe, but I have a peeve about going someplace, paying a fortune and then having to cook my own meal! I can do that at home for a fraction of the price, ya know?! Thanks for sharing your Dad with us. :)


Debbie Lamedman said...

Thanks Dawn! Yeah, my Dad was quite the handsome fellow. As for the pancake place...I agree with you 100 percent. Plus, sometimes I get the feeling people are going there just because there is a long line out the door. Very sheep-like mentality if you ask me! Thanks for your comment--much appreciated

MikeB said...

WOW! What a great picture of my Uncle Phil. Uncle Phil was indeed very handsome -- and a great gentleman and a wonderful uncle, which I can attest to from personal experience. Thanks for sharing the photo and bringing back memories.

I remember very well the last time I saw Uncle Phil. It was the summer of 1980. I had driven to the Los Angeles area with my son Takehiro, in order to take Takehiro to a number of amusement parks (Six Flags, for instance). While in the LA area, we went to visit Uncle Phil and his family.

When we left to head home to San Francisco, Uncle Phil waved goodbye to us from his apartment as we drove away. Several months later he was gone.

We do not know what tomorrow will bring. So we need to enjoy life to the fullest now and shower those we care about with love, because . . .

. . . As the river of life flows on, we float upon it on a raft with a rudder that allows some but
not total control, and we are alternately buffeted by the winds and warmed by the sun, and we never know what is around the next bend.