Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Writer Writes...

2010 was a very productive year for me as a writer.  I wrote for a living, every single day (okay...maybe not 7 days a week,  but I turned out a lot of content!)  It wasn't always what I wanted to be writing, but nevertheless, a writer has got to write to keep those wheels in the brain greased.  And write I did.  Was all of it good?  Of course not.  But that doesn't always matter.  We write because we must.  And that is that.

I started off 2011 by completing a deadline and finishing up a first draft of a creative project.  I kicked and screamed and squirmed and whined, but I finally finished it.  Having met the deadline (and now the work really begins, because as I said, it was a first draft and rewrites galore await...) I am anxious to continue (and complete) additional creative works that are standing in line waiting patiently for my attention.

The burnout I felt only a few days ago seems to have dissipated and now I feel eager and motivated to start some new works and finish up some old, yet promising pieces.  This is a good feeling and one I need to hold on to because I know it won't hang around for long. 

The things I need to concentrate on consist of these things:
1) Write honestly
2) Write from the heart
3) Breathe and believe

Sounds simple?  It's not.  But 2011 will definitely be another writing year.  I had my doubts, but every writer I know doubts themselves.  Occupational hazard. I don't need to create masterpieces.  I simply need to put the words down on the page.  Here we go.


Jason said...

Great inspiration at the start of this new year. From one writer to another...thanks for your words! I needed to hear this! Best of luck with your writing life this year. I'll keep reading your blog when I need a kick in the butt!

MikeB said...

OK, go for it! I look forward to hearing an update on your blog about some of the projects you complete in 2011.

I would love to see another book from you in the bookstores some day. Maybe something about your life and your experiences in acting, directing, teaching, coaching, and writing. I bet your life has been a lot more interesting than I suspect you think it has been.

All the best to you as you write, write, write in 2011.

Nicole MacDonald said...

Just work at it and enjoy it :) It'll always be a challenge but that doesn't mean it needs to be bad :)

The Arrival, on Amazon now!

Man-Man said...

Your comments about writing are interesting.