Monday, January 17, 2011

An Evening of 10-Minute Plays

I am happy to announce that an evening of my 10-minute plays will be presented at the School of Theatre & Dance at the  University of Montana.  This production was the brain child of my dear friend D. Marie Long and I'm so pleased and flattered that she felt strongly enough about my work to showcase an entire evening of my plays.  Wow!  Thank you D. Marie!

So, if you find yourself with nothing to do on a cold winter night in January, and you happen to be in the  vicinity of Missoula, Montana, head on over to the Masquer Theatre and enjoy a bit of theatre.  The plays are short, funny, thought-provoking and they all have a similar theme running through them:  Being out of control.  Everyone can relate to that feeling every now and then, don't you think?

Kicking off 2011 with a brand new production of my work feels great.  Hopefully, this will be a sign of what the rest of year will bring!


Erin Cole said...

Excellent news, Debbie!
Let's celebrate.

MikeB said...

Great to get this news, Debbie. Congratulations! I hope the evening is a big success and that this wonderful start to 2011 is just the beginning of a great year for you.

Sorry I won't be there. I already had my trip to Montana. It was, I think, in January 1973 (or maybe it was in December 1972). I went to Great Falls to work for a short time. I distinctly remember taking the airporter bus from the airport into town. As the bus arrived in town, I looked up and saw that the sign on the side of the bank building was showing the temperature: 17 degrees BELOW zero.

If Missoula is anything like Great Falls in the winter, temperature-wise, I hope your plays will warm the hearts of the audience, even if their noses and toes are freezing.

D. Marie said...

Thank you Debbie! And MikeB, it's a little warmer in the valley, but we'll still be grateful for an indoor evening enjoying Debbie's work. It's really been a privilege to work on this project and I am grateful to my school, my classmates and my dear talented playwright friend :)

Katherine Jenkins said...

Hi Debbie-Congrats! I'm also a writer and my book, Lessons from the Monk I Married, will be published by Seal Press/Perseus books spring 2012. I found you over on yoga savy's page. Nice to meet another fellow writer. Check out my blog if you have time. In 2010 I wrote 365 Lessons...lots to read over there.

Man-Man said...

Wow, you write short plays. How neat!