Thursday, September 16, 2010

Before and Now!

Organized Book Addiction!

Preparing the Book Addiction for Transport

And yes, I've heard of the Kindle...but I am old school and love the real deal.  I LOVE books!  What can I tell you?  I'm not ashamed of this hardcore obsession.  The bad news about being a bookaholic is it makes things quite difficult when you are trying to move.  Doesn't make me love them any less though.


Books. Are. Heavy.  Books are cumbersome.  But books are life!  I have owned many of these lovelies for years and years and years.  I have schlepped them back and forth across this wonderful country of ours multiple times.  And we go again. 

Believe it or not, I minimized as much as I could.  Donated 6 supersized shopping bags full of my lovely, precious, amazing books to my local Friends of the Library Bookshop.  Passing the love around.  But the rest...these stay with me. 

I will try to refrain from acquiring any new additions in the near future....but honestly?  I can't promise anything.  Not when it comes to my beloved books.  It's better than being addicted to cheeseburgers though, isn't it?  Well?  Isn't it?


MikeB said...

I have the same problem: I love my real books, and although I have probably donated about 1,000 books in my lifetime, I have held on to many others which I am just not ready to part with. And like you, I suspect, I can't refrain from buying just one more book when I see something that I am really interested in. Can you tell us when you are moving and where you are moving to, or is that a jinx?

Nicole MacDonald said...

we have run out of bookcase space too... and we have at least one decent sized bookcase in EACH room *grin*

Erin Cole said...

I think it's great! I hate clutter...but rocks and books are all over my house. Unfortunately both are heavy:)
Good luck on your move.