Saturday, May 29, 2010


Yeah, I know...I'm a little late coming to this party--but it's only recently that I discovered the joys of edamame.  What?  You know what this is, right?  Of course you do.  They're soybeans.  And who woulda thought they would be SO delish?

I'm sure there are tons of ways to enjoy them/prepare them, but frankly, I like snacking on them right out of the shell.  I know they're available out of the shell, but I like the work of getting them out of the shell and into my mouth.  That's part of the fun.

Here's the thing folks:  I'm a snacker. (That's snacker, not slacker!)  Sad, but true.  And when I'm sitting at my computer working on my writing assignments, or editing a manuscript, or reading screenplays and writing coverage, it's very easy for me to chomp away on a bag of peanut M&M's or some other easy-to-munch convenience snack that will cause detriment to my body, mind and soul.

BUT edamame...aahhh.....I have one bowl filled with them on one side of the desk...and another empty bowl on the other side (for the empty shells) and I've got that whole hand to mouth coordination thing going, while I snack away on something healthy and fun to eat.

I get a frozen bag of them (in the shell, slightly salted) at my local Trader Joe's (where else would I loyalty to Joe is amazing!) I heat them up for a quick 2 minutes ( I like them warm, but you can eat them cold) and I'm good to go!  Plus, they are WAY LESS expensive than a megabag of Peanut M&M's.  Not to mention SO MUCH better for you! And no crash from the sugar rush.  I see this as a win-win situation.

So tell you know about this wonder food?  Do you like it?  How do you eat them?  In the shell or out?  Warm or cold? I'm now on the edamame band wagon and want to know what you think about this fun and delicious snack!  I eagerly await your comments!


Jennifer, aka beautiful mind, complex life said...

I don't cook much, but I love me some soy milk and soy cheese, and stuff other people cook with soy. I haven't tried eating soy beans themselves though; sounds interesting. I like your blog, and found you on Facebook through the Networked Blog post about following each other. So I'm following you ;)

Debbie Lamedman said...

Thanks a lot for following my blog Jennifer! The more the merrier! More followers inspires me to keep the posts interesting and numerous! Welcome! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have been snacking on edamame for a couple of years at least (not continuously, of course). I love them. Every once in a while, I buy a big tray of them at my local Costco. Once I get them to my house, they disappear within a week. I eat them cold. I never thought of heating them up. I may try it with my next tray -- I will be making a trip to Costco soon, and I will be sure to put them on my shopping list. -- MikeB