Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Illustration by Michael Sowa

And a special shout-out to the person who turned me on to the interesting world of Michael Sowa. You know who you are!

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate.  And to everyone else, ease up on those chocolate bunnies! Just remember that all Easter candy will probably be 1/2 price tomorrow--so stock up for next year!


Anonymous said...

i'm just counting down the hours til Robins Eggs (my FAVORITE candy, which is unfortunately seasonal) go on sale!!!!

Dani Duck said...

I made you some bunnies and some jelly beans on my blog. The bunnies aren't chocolate, but you can pretend they are if you'd like. They're fictional and wont mind. I do have to let you know that the orange and red jelly beans are for me, but you can eat the rest.

Anonymous said...

Love your admonition to ease off--at least until they are half price! I only bought ONE chocolate bunny this year, and my son ate it without even offering me one single bite. sigh!!!

Anonymous said...

Yummy bunny, yummy bunny. Extra yummy half-price bunny. --MikeB