Saturday, April 24, 2010

Communication Breakdown Burger

A friend of mine who lives in Portland Oregon told me about this whimiscal pub called McMenamins. Apparently, there are quite a few of these places in the Pacific Northwest and there's a whole charming history to the company as well.  Check them out if you want to find out more.

My friend also told me they have on their menu an item called a Communication Breakdown Burger.  I love the name of this burger.  Since we are currently going through Mercury Retrograde, it seems like the ideal time to eat one.  After all, communication does typically break down during Mercury Retrograde.  I wonder if, whoever named this burger, did so because she was having a difficult time communicating. Thus, this burger was born.  I'd like to think that's how it happened, but honestly, I have no idea.

Anyway, the burger consists of cheddar cheese, grilled mushrooms, onions and bell pepper. According to the menu it comes with fries too. Yum.  Sounds delish. With the exception of the bell pepper (a vegetable I am NOT fond of) I'm all in! I don't eat burgers too often, but boy...I'm a sucker for a good one and this sounds like a good one.

I will have an opportunity to have one of these delectable delicacies as early as next week.  I'm heading up to PDX and I'm sure that the Communication Breakdown Burger will be only one of the many highlights I will experience.  I'm looking forward to the trip.

photo by MissBeeGail
I'm not crazy about traveling during a Mercury Retrograde, but I've done it before and you just have  to remember to go with the flow.  It might be worth it, just to take a big juicy bite of that burger!

So let me know if any of you have been up to Portland.  And if so, have you been to McMenamins?  Did you eat that big, beautiful burger pictured above? I'd love to hear about your experience.  I hear they have some pretty great brew up there too!

Until the next time...signing off as I head up north!  Peace.


YogaSavy said...

Looks yummy but does not look inviting!Sorry but it is the yogi in me talking!

Debbie Lamedman said...

I completely understand. I think they may have a vegetarian burger as a meat-free option. I'll be sure to check that out and get back to you!

Anonymous said...

I spent MANY months in Portland in 1980 working on a financial mail fraud investigation when I was a U.S. Postal Inspector. On some evenings after work, I would eat dinner at the Hamburger Mary's in the city. I would take some calculations with me and mull them over during my dinner (I put in a lot of work on that case). In those days, when I was A LOT younger than I am now, I used to go out jogging for exercise and relaxation. I can remember jogging up a VERY long hill in a Portland residential neighborhood one evening. It was grueling (I am thinking the hill was about one mile long). I can't do that any more. (I can hardly WAlK up a one-mile hill now.) I liked Portland, although most of the time I was there I saw the inside of the office where I worked on the business records of the company accused of fraud. But I did manage to do a little jogging, some window shopping, and some strolling in the downtown area during my off hours (I had to do something besides work). HAVE FUN IN PORTLAND AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU WITH RESPECT TO WHATEVER YOU ARE GOING THERE FOR. -- MikeB