Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I wrote a review for a travel website called Trazzler. It's a pretty cool site. Check out my review and photo at:

Let me know if you dig it. Plus, I don't always write all flowery and crap...but that's what they wanted. Just lettin' you know.

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Anonymous said...

It's flowery, that's true / But it reflects YOU / Review is quite short / But of great import / Since it paints a scene / Of a town not routine / Makes me want to go /And take in the show / Of calm summer days / And mellow folks' ways / And do it with one / Who I love like the sun. Your article is a brief but intriguing travel review. While short on details, it grabbed me, painted an image in my mind, and made me want to go there to stroll through this charming sounding place with my wife, the person closest to me whom I love like the sun. - Mike B.