Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Slap Chop

Have you seen the guy on this infomercial? He's hysterical. A totally no-nonsense guy with the attitude of, Hey, I have a good product here. See...it works! It's good! Buy it! Damn it!

He's got this New York accent, which obviously I have an affinity for....and he says stuff like, (insert your New York accent here) "See this tuna? It looks boring. Stop having boring tuna...stop having a boring life..." It's all done very quickly, he speeds through his spiel, but he cracks me up.

Does he crack me up enough to buy the Slap Chop? No. I haven't succumbed yet...it's just another one of those many kitchen gadgets that look good in an infomercial at 3:00 in the morning but the reality is...not so much....after all, ya gotta buy the veggies before you can cut them up!!

But watch this guy's commercial. That's worth seeing. It's at http://www.slapchop.com/

I promise I'm not getting any kickbacks and I don't work for him. I just think he's amusing. And I like being amused. Who doesn't?


D.M. said...

His name is Vince, he's also known for the ShamWow ads. And did you know he was once arrested for beating up a hooker? The mugshot is on thesmokinggun.com

Anonymous said...

Are YOU up at 3:00 am watching this infomerical? Please get some sleep. Thanks for the link. - Mike B.