Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back Again!

Hello Everyone!  After an 18 month absence from blogging, I've decided to pick up where I left off.  Hopefully, if you were following in the past, you'll join me again.  If you're new to the blog, well, this is a great time to drop by and see what's up after my very long hiatus.

I'm honestly not sure why I stopped. I really love blogging. The last post was New Year's Eve 2012 and I thought I might take a break for a month or so.  And then I guess I got really busy.  Yeah.  It's not like I was twiddling my thumbs thinking, "Nah...I've got nothin' to say.  Not gonna write a blog post today."  On the contrary.  I think I got too busy and one month off turned into 18!  Yowza!  Time sure does know how to fly, fly, fly!

So what has been going on, you might ask?  Well...I've been doing what I do.  New plays have been written, new shows have been directed, new classes taught and I just keep on truckin' baby, and marching to the beat of my own drummer.  

The day I decided to return to the blog, there was an interesting turn of events.  I came home from a meeting and was having a little lunch when I heard this gurgling sound.  I looked in the kitchen sink.  Nothin'.  Went back to my sandwich.  Heard the gurgle again.  As I walked down the hallway I realized I was sloshing in a pool of water.  My shower was gushing like a geyser and it wasn't stopping anytime soon.  The bathroom mats were already floating about and the water was making it's way out of the bathroom and down the hallway into the bedroom and living room.

I quickly called my landlord who thankfully responded immediately.  The water was about 2 inches by the time the gushing seemed to stop.  I was flooded.  Scrambling to pick up electrical wires and everything else that was on the floor and in the path of the wetness, the first thing I grabbed was my computer.  Computer equals life!  Oh, did I mention that I had a pounding headache and my throat was on fire and all I wanted to do was take a nap?  Yeah, there was that too.

Cause:  There was blockage in the pipes.  Luckily it wasn't sewer water coming up from the drain.  If it had been, I wouldn't be laughing about this now.  (Am I laughing now?) My landlord was awesome.  Helped me hang all my rugs to dry and even threw my bathroom mats and towels in the washing machine for me.  I took off for the weekend and spent my time recuperating at my partner's house. (Yes, I have a partner now--13 months and going strong!) I came home 3 days later; the rugs were dry, the floors were dry and there was no mildew smell as I had kept the windows open and left the fans running the entire time I was gone.

So what is this watery metaphor?  I was purged?  My apartment was baptized?  I've been cleansed?  Oh, we could go on forever with this.  But needless to say, it's time to start fresh.  Time to start new.  Wash away the old and press forward.  I'm back to blogging.  It feels very, very good.  If it took a flooded apartment to get me back here, so be it.  I met amazing people the last time I was blogging.  I hope to meet them again and more.  I hope you'll stay for the ride! 

If you've been here before, drop me a comment; I'd love to hear from you.  If you're just finding me now, I'd love to know that too!  


Sara Campbell said...

Sorry you had to go thru a flood in order to bring you back to your blog!

Jender Flambe said...

You rock, Debbie! Can't wait to see what you do next!