Monday, April 25, 2011

Paying It Forward...

Holy Guacamole, Batman!  I was alerted this morning that one of my newest followers,  Thom Brown, who writes the blog To Gyre and Gambol, bestowed the Kreativ Blogger award upon me.  It was bestowed upon him as well, and he, in turn, is paying it forward and spreading the honor to other bloggers that he likes. I'm so flattered.

But with reward, comes responsibility.  So I have to pass the same Kreativ Blogger award along to ten bloggers that I deem worthy, and then  I have to reveal ten things about myself that most folks might not know.

10 things?  Really?  GULP...

Well, first things first.  Let me say how much I absolutely love to blog.  And I have met some extraordinary people in the blogging world.  It's amazing the friendships that have been created here in cyberspace.  The following 10 blogs are ones I totally dig. I would love to get to read them more often, but sometimes time is the enemy and I can't get there as often as I'd like. 

In the meantime, I share the following blogs with you as I bestow upon my creative colleagues, the Kreativ Blogger Award.  Don't forget to pay it forward friends!  Here's my list:

1.  Bonnie Joy Bardos writes Bohemian Artist: Painting & Thought.  Bonnie was one of the first bloggers I met and she is the epitome of an artist.  Her paintings are spectacular. I love her Bohemian ways. She, like her middle name, is a Joy!  Check her out.

2. Absolutely Kate is absolutely a riot.  Her blog, At the Bijou, is one of the most innovative and unique blogs I've ever visited.  And Kate is a hoot.  She features lots and lots of writers...all kinds, but mostly, if you like film noir, you'll like At the Bijou.

3. If you want someplace to rest your weary head, and feel a moment of peace, please visit Healing Morning.  Beautifully written by the talented Dawn Sievers.  You will feel renewed.

4.  A ukulele player who also deals antiques.  This is one innovative blog that I love stopping by from time to time. Lots of fun to check out the Beatnheart.

5.  I know Thom Brown already bestowed this award to my blogging buddy Savira, but frankly her blog Living, Laughing Breathing! is so wonderful, she deserves the double-prize! This blog is an oasis in a desert, that's for sure!

6.  I met Erin Cole as she was just publishing her first novel Grave Echos: A Kate Waters Mystery. She's an incredible writer and a wonderful and generous woman.  Please read everything you can get your hands on at Erin Cole Writes.

7.  Sometimes as I peruse the blogging world, I find a blog that makes me chuckle.  That in itself is noteworthy.  A Moose Walked into a Bar makes me chuckle.  Check it out and have your own chuckle.

8.  Jonathan Aller paints fruit.  It's really amazing.  They look real and they make me hungry.  Do yourself a favor and have a look at Alla Prima studies by Jonathan Aller.

9.  Lots of short but sweet stories for lovers of fiction at Fiction for Dessert.

10.  Great musings and anecdotes at Things My Mother Taught Me.  Have a look-see.  You'll be glad you did.

So these are the 10 blogs I deem worthy of "Kreativ Blogger Award!"  And as for the 10 things I need to reveal about myself...well, dear readers...that will have to wait for another day.  With all these new blogs, you have a lot of reading to do!  Enjoy!  And remember, when someone does something nice for you--pay it forward!




Well, it's not exactly the right moment to say those fortuitous words in the special chant playwright extraordinaire Debbie utters them come'round midnight as the calendar page turns . . . but it is the right moment to say ~ THIS DAMN DAME ROCKS. Fortunate am I to know her, occasionally showcase her (with kleigs and spots a'sparkin), and always, always, applaud what she's all about.

My thanks for your bestowment upon the pizazz AT THE BIJOU welcomes the world to.

~ Absolutely*Kate and our snazzy staff of renown



Dynamic Author Erin Cole is on this list of renown! How absolutely fitting ... yeah, read this haunting author (with the lights on).

Seems in weeks to come, there's quite a few blog'carousing I should do ... Debbie? Would that be a "Talent Quest" for AT THE BIJOU???

~ Absolutely*Kate

MikeB said...

Congratulatons on receciving the Kreativ Blogger award.

All of the blogs you list sound wonderful. It appears that the group of them represents a terrific variety of thought and approach. Unfortunately, I do not have time to read them. I am consumed with fixing my house and other important matters.

But I will continue to read your blog (I had to pick one, and I picked YOURS). All other blogs must wait until I have more time, and that may be several months from now.

Bohemian Artist said...

It's absolutely an honor to be nominated as an esteemed BLOGGER of the highest order! Debbie, let second the statement that you ROCK! You do. I've gone and checked the other Kreativ Blogger Award recipients out, and I'm more than honored to be hanging with them, and YOU! Take a bow, creative spirit.


Dear Mike ~

I sure wish you GodSpeed on your housing fixups. Kindly let me know through Debbie's blog when I should alert HGTV for the cam'crew.

When taking well-earned coffee'breaks though, put up your clodhoppers and let your mind travel to the theatre ~ AT THE BIJOU

~ Where Writers' raves become Readers' faves ... you'll see - and popcorn's on the house.

~ Absolutely*Kate, no relation to PT Barnum (though some wonder)

Healing Morning said...

I love seeing worthy blogs getting recognition! Congratulations, Debbie - you so deserve this! Thank you for including me in your special ten blogs. It never fails to make me smile and to give my heart that lovely warm lift when another writer feels that Healing Morning offers something unique in the very busy blog-o-sphere. Namaste', my friend. Keep writing!

~ Dawn

Karen Cantwell said...

How fun! Congrats Debbie on receiving this award and THANK YOU for passing it on! I'm honored to accept on behalf of Fiction for Dessert and A Moose Walked Into a Bar! :-) And now I have just found some other great blogs to follow as well.