Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blaze of Glory

I live on a hill and from this vantage point I am fortunate enough to simply walk out my front door and see three simultaneous fireworks displays.  I look directly in front of me, and I see the show my home town is producing at the park just down the hill.  To my right and left, neighboring towns set off their own fireworks and the night sky is filled with vibrant color and a cacophony of booms.

I've missed seeing the fireworks from atop my hill for the past two years since I hadn't been at home.  So it was lovely tonight, to see this stunning light show with a relatively quiet group of neighbors.  Even though tomorrow is a holiday, there is the distinctive feeling of Sunday night in the air.  Everyone was noticeably mellow. 

My favorite fireworks tonight were the stars that popped out from below, rose high in the sky and fizzled away.  And the grand finale was spectacular. Red, white and blue stars, and sizzling, squirmy bursts of light and gigantic chandeliers of color.  And the booming sounded like a torrential downpour of rain on the roof.  It was terrific.

Happy Birthday America! You deserve to have a grand celebration.  I hope you feel better soon.  I really do!


Nicole MacDonald said...

So cool!! We have to wait till November for Guy Fawkes

MikeB said...

Being able to see three fireworks displays on the same night sounds like a wonderful experience. It's great that you did not have to drive to see the fireworks, since parking, crowds, and getting back home can be such a hassle. My wife and I were too lazy to drive to our nearest city fireworks display, so we just stayed inside. But I can still wish America well, as you did.