Sunday, June 28, 2009

Instead of going to the beach, why don't we hang out on Facebook?

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in Barnes & Noble again…working away. Writing my brains out. Taking time out to rub my eyes and clear my head for a sec, I happened to glance over at the computer screen of the girl who was sitting at the table next to me and sharing my plug.

I was in between thoughts. Taking a mini break to let the scene I was working on gel. So I glanced over and watched this chick, who was typing away on Facebook. And then she switched over to Twitter. And then she switched over to LinkedIn. And you’re asking yourself, why the hell were you watching this Ms. Lamedman? Give this girl some privacy.

I was not reading what she was writing. I couldn’t even I tried because my eyesight seems to be failing me on a daily basis. HOWEVER, the thought that went through my mind was this: "I know why I’m sitting inside a Barnes & Noble on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, but why is she?? Why is she sitting here and visiting all these social network sites, when she should actually be out in the world SOCIALIZING!!"

It bothered me. She was young…college-aged probably early 20’s. I wanted to yell at her, “go out in the world and live your life. Don’t sit behind a computer screen and look at other people’s pictures!

Okay…I’m done venting. This is probably making me sound old…this is the new generation of socializing. They don’t talk, they type, they text, they IM, they Facebook, they Twitter….it’s amazing that they actually have photos of themselves to put up on these sites…but my thought is that when they do manage to get together, it’s all about making sure they have photo opps so everyone can go on their Facebook profile and see what a great life they’re having. When in fact, all they’re doing is sitting at home, or in Barnes & Noble’s cafĂ© and pretending to have a life.


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Anonymous said...

You have a gift for getting to the heart of the matter. You are so right. Hey couch potatoes -- How about going outside to feel the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze on the face, to watch people and maybe even talk to some of them (what a concept!). Get out of Borders, get out of Barnes & Noble, AND LET ME SIT DOWN AND HAVE SOMETHING TO DRINK FOR A FEW MINUTES. Stop monopolizing the tables for half a day, and give someone else a chance. And could you clear all those books off the tables before you leave. Yikes. Live a little, and do it outside and with real people whom you can see and touch up close and personal. - Mike B.